For Incredible Weight Loss, You Must Do THIS Every Day

for weight loss, you must do this

Losing extra pounds is always a struggle but no more so than if you choose to starve yourself. Studies have shown that you must eat and eat well for real lasting weight loss and weight management.

Eating well means not only healthy food choices but also means a minimum caloric intake. Your body functions like a machine and if the machine has no input it adapts to those conditions. Not giving your machine the fuel it needs causes it to slow down to minimum functionality until it gets the fuel it needs. 

By starving yourself, you’re inadvertently telling your metabolism to slow down and preserve energy instead of burning it. This is why starvation diets inevitably lead to weight gain when you begin eating normally again.

No matter your body composition, you have a unique RMR or resting metabolic rate that is the perfect indicator of the number of calories you need to consume daily for maximum energy use. In other words, by analyzing your RMR you learn how many daily calories you need to lose weight.

Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is your guide to weight loss and later weight control. Many weight loss programs don’t utilize this effective guide and their participants pay for it later by gaining all the weight back they lost on the program. 

When a qualified nutritionist analyzes your RMR and sets your calories per day intake for peak metabolic effectiveness, they are setting you up for success. Following their guidance will virtually guarantee loss of both body weight and fat.

A happy side effect of RMR monitoring is long-term metabolic function and health benefits. Now that you know your body’s individual caloric needs for weight maintenance you’ll be able to enjoy a slim, healthy body as long as you live.

bodenvy Weight Loss Clinic offers a revolutionary RMR-centered program and an in-house nutritionist that designs a meal delivery eating plan for your specific dietary needs. This science-based weight loss program is easy to follow and optimizes metabolic function via supplements.

Not only will you enjoy delicious food delivered straight to your door, but you will receive weekly analyses of how your body burns fat. Client testimonials of greater than expected weight loss results reinforce the viability of bodenvy’s innovative RMR approach to helping clients achieve weight loss success.

For more information on their weight loss program, contact the team at bodenvy Weight Loss Clinic today.

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