Science Based Weight Loss

Why It Works

Science Based Weight Loss

A great many people want to lose weight these days. It could be for aesthetic reasons or medical reasons. Perhaps they have high blood pressure or a family history of diabetes and they’re borderline. Anyone who’s ever attempted a medical weight loss knows how hard it is. People tend to switch between various diets and programs but what worked for their neighbor or sister may not work for them. There’s a reason for that.
Weight loss experts don’t always concede this but every body is different.

At BodEnvy Weight Loss Clinic we have a different path to lose stubborn weight:

Weight Loss Molecules

Science + Technology + Nutrition + Analysis + Coaching + =

Proven Success!

Most weight loss programs stop at one or two of the above elements. We have gone the extra mile and combined each building block of success in one program. No joining clubs, no gym memberships, no need for separate facilities at each step. Our plan makes successful weight loss and the body you want to have possible with one program in one clinic.

We use the latest scientific advances in metabolic analysis and enhancement. We combine that with breakthrough technology in fat-burning, muscle toning treatments.

We don’t stop there. At BodEnvy Weight Loss we monitor your success and give practical steps to speed results. We support you with nutritional supplements and counseling by in-house licensed professionals. We even deliver amazing ready-to-eat meals.

How Science Creates Success

Here’s how we tailor a weight loss plan specifically for your body. There are no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions here. Your body is unique and your weight loss plan must be too.

RMR Measurement

Your resting metabolic rate is your body’s metabolic DNA. It’s unique to your body and tells us exactly how your body reacts to caloric intake. Using our Core Machine, we accurately assess how many calories your body needs daily to maintain a healthy metabolism.

This is vital not just for immediate weight loss but to sustain and ultimately maintain that weight loss for the rest of your life. Once you wreck your body’s metabolism with fad diets or starvation, it’s broken. This won’t help you in the long run and will more than likely lead to the common result: gaining even more weight after each dieting attempt.

With our Core Analysis, we establish a scientifically-sound caloric baseline to keep your body’s metabolism burning calories efficiently during your weight-loss journey.

weight loss blood test super closeup

Keto Measurement Device

This advanced device measures your glucose and ketone levels. You receive one to use at home or on the go. It’s a painless finger prick that tells us your current ketosis and is uploaded to our office via a mobile app. By measuring this week to week we can scientifically adjust your nutritional plan to maintain or increase ketosis. Not only is it the bio-hack we all need to keep us on track, but it also helps permanently establish good eating habits. This is key to long-term weight management.

Seca Body Composition Machine

During your weekly coaching session, you’ll get to see a whole-body scan of how your body is ridding itself of fat. What could be more encouraging than that? The Seca machine measures fat composition, weight, muscle mass, measurements, and hydration levels. Your weight loss results are sent to your app weekly. It’s easy to stay motivated when you can see your success right on your phone.


Mobile App

Currently in development, the BodEnvy Weight Loss App will be your go-to source for tracking weekly results, reading messages from your personal coach, nutritional tips from our in-house dietician, and much more! It’s like having the BodEnvy Clinic in your pocket. Our clients say it makes the program so easy to follow and stay on track. BONUS: For every weight loss milestone you reach you receive a free gift. The app keeps track of your success and your free perks. At BodEnvy Weight Loss Clinic, we use science to ensure success and our app to make it fun!