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Weight-Loss Booster

No matter how many weight loss programs you’ve tried, none promise to kill fat cells. That’s because they can’t. When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink, only to grow larger again when you gain it back. A side effect of this is that you become discouraged. 

At Bodenvy Weight Loss Clinic, we believe in the opposite of discouraged. We want you supercharged and motivated to continue your weight loss journey. Progress seen even in small amounts can be enough to keep you working toward your goal. And if they eliminate body fat along the way, all the better! 

One of our secret weapons in the fight against fat is Vanquish ME or Maximum Energy. Not only is it the latest advanced fat-destroying technology, but it will also motivate you when you see your body becoming slimmer and slimmer each week.

Here’s how it works: 

This painless body sculpting treatment in Orlando works by targeting heat or maximum energy in areas where you want fat reduction. This targeted heat kills fat cells over the widest treatment area to date. It is a touchless treatment that you can enjoy while chatting on the phone or reading a book. The result is a clear reduction of fat in the treatment area.

 This amazing treatment kills fat cells permanently. Forever, and is part of our Shrink & Destroy.

 The dead fat cells are flushed from your body via normal metabolic processes over the next 3 months. You will continue to see results as the targeted areas become smaller and smaller.

 Now that’s fat-killing motivation we can believe in!

You’ll stay motivated toward better weight management and weight control when you see your new body and gain the confidence you always wanted. The health benefits of a healthy lifestyle will follow suit. See client weight loss results!

 Your newfound motivation is waiting. It’s called Vanquish ME.

 Contact us and let’s begin today!

How Vanquish ME Works!