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Why It Works - Measure Success

Your Weight Loss Journey

When you take on the challenge to lose weight, you need a plan with goals and milestones. It’s like running a hurdle race; when you get over that first hurdle you feel much more confident you can soar over the next one. The key to keeping yourself motivated is not just feeling better or having your clothes slide on easier. It’s also seeing the results in real-time, actual scans of how your body is eliminating fat as you move forward in your weight loss clinic plan.

 Many weight loss programs in the past used tape measures to chart your progress or pincers to see how much fat you’d lost. It seems rather ancient compared to what’s possible now. At BodEnvy Weight Loss Clinic, our personal coaches take a 3D scan your body periodically and show you how your body is changing. You can view your progress on a screen: how your body fat is disappearing from various target areas. Now that’s what we call inspiring!

 Our measure of your progress incorporates state-of-the-art technology. Your progress is measured with advanced tools that allow you to see your body changing, adjust your diet to stay in ketosis and eliminating fat.


Styku 3D Body Measurement

 This allows you to see your progress in real-time.

 Periodically during your weight loss program, we will use the Styku to measure your progress. The Styku takes 3D photos of your body while you stand on a platform that’s slowly spinning. We overlay the newest photo onto your previous ones and see how your body is changing.

 You’ll be able to see where target areas of fat are being eliminated. This will keep you positive, motivated, and excited about long-term weight management.

weight loss photos

FotoFinder Aesthetics Photography System

 On your first visit, we take photos of your “before” body using this ingenious machine. It’s nothing less than the gold standard for full-body imagery. Here we get an accurate aesthetic image of your body at the beginning of your weight loss journey. Your body weight and composition are also recorded.

Keto Measurement Device

 The elements in your BodEnvy Weight Loss Plan work symbiotically to help you lose weight and reach your body goals. One important function of your meal deliveries and supplements is to achieve optimal metabolic function. We want to supercharge your body’s ability to eliminate fat. To do this your body is guided into a state of ketosis or fat-burning status.

We monitor this with a small device called Keto Mojo. with one painless finger prick, we get an accurate reading of your current ketosis status. If you’re at your target level, great! If not, your personal coach will give you tips on how to reach it.

 They may recommend adjusting your eating habits, portion size, adding other healthy foods, or recommend a different healthy eating plan. And of course, more physical activity never hurts!

 You take the Keto Mojo with you wherever you go to help stay on track. It’s easy, quick, and painless.

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weight loss SECA

Seca Body Composition Machine

 This advanced machine will amaze you with its capabilities!

 Weight control is easier if you feel your efforts are paying off. During your weekly coaching sessions, We’ll take a Seca Body Composition scan. This amazing device will tell us your fat composition, weight, muscle mass, body measurements and hydration levels. These will give you an overview of your successes and tell you how close you are to reaching your milestones and rewards. Your personal coach will review your scan and send it directly to your BodEnvy mobile app.

Mobile APP

 Coming soon! Our exciting new app allows you to see your weekly successes and anonymously compare your journey to others in our program. Your app is customized to your plan. It tells you what to eat, when to eat, and how much. It’s like having a personal coach and nutritionist right on your phone!

 The BodEnvy Weight Loss Plan is easy to follow. All the guess work is eliminated. You’ll know exactly what to eat and when. Your nutritional weight control food is delivered to your door. Just check your mobile app and pop a meal into the microwave while you enjoy your latest Seca scan.

 When you begin our weight loss program, your new healthy lifestyle and all the health benefits that go with it are finally within reach.

 That’s why it works.

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