Permanent Fat Loss

Why It Works - Permanent Fat Loss

Were More Than Just Weight Loss

Many who need to lose weight for important reasons such as medical weight loss give up when plans they try don’t work for them. But it’s critical they keep going. Losing weight because you’ve decided to improve your health is important to you; it’s not just about the way you look.

If you’ve been on every fad diet and tried many weight loss programs you know what usually happens when you attempt to resume a normal life with a relatively normal diet. You gain weight. It is the most common complaint we hear from clients. They had a short-lived success that ended with gaining every pound back, and then some.

There’s a reason for this. If you have fat cells in your body and go on a diet, these fat cells simply shrink and lie dormant in your body waiting to surface again when you gain weight. Weight loss alone doesn’t eliminate fat cells, no matter how successful you were.

But the BodEnvy Weight Loss Plan does eliminate fat cells. Permanently.

We listened to our clients and incorporated a symbiotic plan combining science, nutrition, and advanced fat-burning treatments. Our plan works because we personalize the plan to your body’s metabolism and use every building block of weight loss strategy in unison. The result is the fastest, scientifically-sound, and effective plan for getting the body you want and keeping it.

Each week our clients receive a Vanquish ME or Emerald Green Laser treatment to permanently eliminate fat cells forever. They are flushed from your body for good, not lurking around waiting to surface again.

Here’s how it works:

Vanquish ME

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This FDA-cleared method destroys fat cells in those stubborn areas that workouts can never seem to reach. Common areas where Vanquish ME is used are on the buttocks and the abdomen.

The Vanquish ME device is placed over the target area. While you lie back and text friends or binge-watch a show on your phone, the device penetrates fat cells, releasing fat from the cells. Over the next 36 hours, the fat is eliminated from your body through its normal metabolic processes.

It is painless and quite effective. You’ll wake up after 14 days and see fat melting off your body in areas you never thought it would.

See real client weight loss results!

Emerald Green Laser Treatment

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Every client on the BodEnvy Weight Loss plan receives 6 exclusive Emerald Green Laser treatments during the course of their program. This advanced fat-melting laser treatment is FDA-cleared for circumferential fat reduction.

It works almost immediately and is completely painless. Yes, painless!

Our clients typically lose from ½ to 1 ½ inch after each treatment session.

BONUS: Our plan sets individual milestones for each client. When you reach your milestone you receive a reward. One reward is 2 free Coolsculpting treatments that freezes and kills fat cells from hard-to-reach areas of the body.

BodEnvy Weight Loss Clinic has revolutionized the weight loss journey by combining science, technology, nutrition, and coaching. Each element of our program is synchronized to support the other elements. Our weight loss experts keep you losing fat and motivated to reach your goal to develop long-term, healthy weight management habits.

That’s why it works.