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Real Results - Bodenvy Orlando's Shrink & Destroy Program

Weekly Treatments to Lose Inches Fast

In every weight loss journey, you need to see results to stay motivated. Your pants might be fitting looser. You can get into your little black dress again. When you reach small milestones like this you are encouraged to keep going. You need visible results now. You want fat eliminated to keep you motivated.

 At Bodenvy Weight Loss Orlando's Clinic, we offer a unique combination of treatments that work in tandem to evict fat cells from your body permanently.


 Our Shrink & Destroy is our fat-destroying and circumferential reduction method that seeks out fat cells in hard-to-reach areas like the abdomen and buttocks, killing them. Once they’re dead, they’re flushed from the body through natural metabolic processes. It’s painless and works fast.

Weight Loss with CoolTone

How fast?

 Our clients routinely lose between ½ inch to 1 1/2 inch per session with each Emerald Green Laser treatment. The Vanquish ME treatment results will continue to amaze as you lose circumference over the next 36 hours. As an added bonus, your body will continue to eliminate the dead fat cells over a 3 month period, much to your delight.

 Over the course of this amazing 12-week program, you will see a minimum of 2 inches off your abdomen or we will give you complimentary treatments until you do.

 Here’s how it works:

Emerald Laser for Weight Loss

Treatment 1 - Emerald Green Laser 

This revolutionary, fat-killing laser will seemingly melt fat from your body during treatment. The results are immediate. The advanced Emerald Laser perforates fat cell walls, releasing triglycerides from the cell. You begin losing circumference and keep losing it over the next 36 hours while the cell perforation is open. It sounds impossible but as they say, it’s science.

Seeing is believing and we know you’ll become a believer when you see your results.

Treatment 2 - Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy)

This treatment is the latest fat-killing, non-contact technology. It kills fat cells permanently. GONE. They will never return. It has the largest treatment area capability to date.

 It works by disrupting fat cells with targeted heat, killing them. They are then flushed from your body over the next 3 months through natural metabolic processes. During the course of the next 12 weeks, your body will seemingly “melt” in size.

 In your efforts to lose weight you’ve no doubt adopted a diet and exercise program on your own. While it may help with weight control results, physical activity can’t touch technology’s ability to get fat off your body now. Combining our Shrink & Destroy with the BodEnvy Weight Loss Plan is the fastest, most effective way to get the body you want.

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