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At BodEnvy Weight Loss Clinic, we know the level of thought and commitment it took you to select us for your weight loss journey. We take that very seriously by committing to you.

 Our program was developed through months of testing to know which elements work optimally together to guarantee you the weight loss success you’re looking for. We know you’ve probably spent time and effort on fad diets or other weight loss programs without the desired results. We’ve spoken to hundreds of clients who tell us how disappointed they were with other clinics or plans.

 We took what they told us to heart and developed a plan that won’t waste your time or efforts. That’s why our program was designed for success.

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Weight Loss Orlando Guarantee

Your success!

 By combining science + technology + nutrition + analysis + coaching, we have proven our program to be the solution for anyone wanting to lose weight and eliminate fat.

 But in addition to this, our weight loss plan goes beyond fat elimination and weight control. It teaches long-term weight management. Not only will you lose the weight you want to lose, but you’ll also be able to maintain that optimal body weight and reap all the health benefits that go along with it.  Our clients may lose .5 - 1 inch during Emerald Laser visits

Our commitment to your success is in our BodEnvy Guarantee

 You will minimally lose 10% of your body weight or 4 inches off your body. *


In fact, we will provide you with up to 6 weeks of additional treatments to make sure you reach this goal.*  Our commitment to you isn’t just some random slogan or marketing buzzword.

 Just ask our satisfied clients. They’ll tell you about their success with our program and our commitment to making sure they achieved their weight loss goals. We stand behind our program and you, giving you guaranteed success.

 That’s who we are.

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Your successful weight loss journey!


* We are so sure of you success that we guarantee it! You will minimally lose 10% of you body weight or 4 inches. If not, we will provide up to six weeks of treatments until you reach these goals.  Must begin program with at least a 32 BMI and have at least 9 weeks of a Ketone readings of  1. or greater.