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How It Works

The Bodenvy Weight Loss program is EASY to follow! We understand that your life is busy with work, family, friends and fun!  Your weight loss program should work around your lifestyle.   Weight loss shouldn't hang over your head like a dark cloud.  It should be motivating, educational and satiating with moments of immediate satisfaction! We work with you to develop an eating schedule, we deliver tasty meals, provide nutritional supplements, arrange weekly fat loss treatments, set-up lymphatic massages and support you through your journey!  All you do is follow your personalized plan.

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Month of Free Meals
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Why We're Different!

Our Metabolic Reset Program

Bodenvy Weight Loss Orlando provides a simple plan to ensure your long-term success!  In fact, our clients say, "It's easy with all the tools needed to lose inches and weight!"


RMR_Cindy at Bodenvy Weight Loss Clinic in Orlando
Science Based

Everyone's body is different.  We customize a program based on your bodies' science to meet your specific needs!

weight loss laser treatment
Lose Inches During Visits

Our non-invasive laser targets fat cells so that you may see results before you leave our office.  Our clients lose up to 7" just from these treatments!

Ashley's Weekly Weight Loss Support Visit
Weekly Support Visits

Meet weekly with your nurturing support specialist, and stay motivated daily with our encouraging smart phone app!


BTL Vanquish ME Fat Destruction and Weight Reduction Treatment
Permanently Eliminate Fat

In addition to our non-invasive laser treatments, we use an FDA cleared fat destruction technologies that permanently eliminates fat!   4-logo-with-dark-blue-font (1)-Nov-24-2020-06-37-31-62-PM         VanquishME_Logo


Bodenvy Weight Loss Supplement
Nutritional Supplements

Our bodenvy supplements have been scientifically formulated for weight loss and provide optimal nutrition.


bodenvy Meal Deliveries For Weight Loss Diet
It's Easy - We Deliver Love

We deliver delicious meal entries with specific macronutrients to reach your goals!


Measure Inches and Weight Lost
Measure Success

See your success in pictures (optional), inches and on the scale.   We measure success.


Healthy and Long-Term Diet Success
Long Term Results

We focus on giving you the tools and knowledge for a happy, healthy and improved you that can be maintained long into the future.  


lympatic massage speeds up fat loss
Lymphatic Drainage With Supplements & CoolTone

You must have effective lymphatic drainage or your weight loss and fat removal may be significantly reduced.  It's gentle, relaxing and it works!

Muscle Toning and Building For Fast Weight Loss
Muscle Toning & Strengthening

Improve your metabolism while reducing inches.  CoolTone is a great tool to lift, firm, tone body parts and improve lymphatic drainage.

Discover A New You!


We want to make sure you love your results.  If you follow our Metabolic Reset weight loss program you will lose at least 10% of your body weight or 4 inches on your abdomen.  

* Must start with a BMI of 34 or higher and be in Ketosis (.5 or higher) for 9 of the 12 week program. Bodenvy reserves the right to add up to 6 additional  laser treatments  to reach our guarantee  minimum.   

I'm not just an owner... I'm a client

Jim's Over Weight Picture

Hi, I'm Jim the 51 year old owner of bodenvy.  I started bodenvy because I wanted to help people to feel better about themselves and to become healthier.  I understand the struggles of life and more specifically the stress and time constraints.  I worked a corporate job that required long hours and stress that ultimately impacted my health and wellbeing.  Let us help you get back to a healthier you.   If I can do it,  you can too!


I went from an out of shape 51 year old body to ...  You can too!

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Jim The Owner of Bodenvy Weight Loss Clinic in Orlando
Bodenvy Weight Loss Clinic Team

About Bodenvy Weight Loss Orlando

Our team is dedicated to helping you attain your weight loss goals.  Each team member has different areas of specialty including: weight loss, body sculpting, nutritional planning and muscle strengthening technology.  You have come to right place if you're looking to improve your self confidence and lose weight!

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What Our Clients Are Saying
The staff at bodenvy were incredibly accommodating! This was my first time receiving treatment and I was very skeptical at first. Everyone made me feel comfortable and “at home” and answered ALL of my questions. I’ve seen AMAZING results and it’s only been a week! Thank you so much for enhancing my shape and boosting my confidence!! Nikki
One of the best decisions made on my journey to good health and fitness. The team at bodenvy were both professional and knowledgeable from the intake to the actual treatments. They made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during my second treatment that I totally forgot about the process. I saw results from the first treatment so I can’t wait to see what happens after the second one. Thank you for your attention to detail and care. Shantell
Our bodenvy treatments have been easy, relaxing, and have produced wonderful results thus far. If you are shy AT ALL about contacting Jim and Helena , have no fear! They are lovely, caring owners who treat their clients as well as their staff like family!!! You’ll be in great hands!! Julliete

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