How Starvation Diets Wreck Your Body's Metabolism Engine

starvation diets wreck your body's metabolism


Your individual basal metabolic rate - the way your body turns food into energy - is unique to you. Some folks naturally have a fast metabolism and have little to no trouble losing weight. Others, while they may have been born with a powerful engine, may have damaged theirs with years of starvation dieting without realizing it. This is most likely the reason they have trouble shedding pounds now and not a naturally slow metabolism.

Recent studies have shown that your metabolic rate is not a fixed entity, but a variable. Starvation diets can alter your fat-burning capacity in a negative way.

So how do extremely low-calorie diets affect your metabolism? It’s pretty simple. Our bodies are hard-wired to hoard calories and fat when our food intake sinks dramatically. 

When you put your body on a starvation diet your body thinks you literally are starving and begins holding on to all the fat it can to help you survive. This means your metabolism adjusts its burning capacity to the bare minimum. The more you exercise in addition to starving yourself, the more desperate your body tries to hold onto every calorie it can. 

When you eventually begin to eat more food, your metabolism is still in hoarding mode and you regain any lost weight. Suddenly your jeans are tight again and you go back on the starvation diet and the cycle begins again.

It’s easy to see why this would cause permanent damage to your natural metabolic processes. When you eat normally it functions normally. When you give it extreme conducts an extreme response. 

Imagine driving your car every day with the emergency brake locked on. Engine damage won’t be far behind. It’s the same way with your body.

Losing weight quickly as opposed to slowly and steadily has also been shown to cause metabolic damage. A recent Scandinavian study showed a decrease in overall calorie-burning ability in participants who lost weight rapidly. The side effects were more rapid weight gain for the clients who ate 700 calories less than the recommended daily intake for gradual weight loss.

Can you fix a broken metabolism? The answer is yes. With the guidance of a good nutritionist, healthy weight loss is indeed possible even if you’ve been yo-yo dieting for years. Under their supervision, your RMR or resting metabolic rate will be analyzed. 

Then a healthy eating plan will be created for your individual needs, with an emphasis on protein intake. Much to your delight, you will begin losing fat and fat mass from your target areas. Your body weight will decrease and you will discover how easy long-term weight management is with the right approach and finally reap all the health benefits that come with it.

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